Аутор и коаутори: Aleksandar Popović, Nada Marić

Mental – health – related stigma in a conservative and patriarchal community

Година објаве: 2023

Језик: Енглески


Abstract: Background: Mental health disorders are a significant global disease burden, and the stigma towards people with them is the strongest obstacle to improving mental health and dealing with an enormous public health problem. Montenegro is a small country with a conservative society and a deeply ingrained patriarchy. The aim of this study was to determine attitudes toward mental health disorders in the general population of Montenegro and identify the influence of socio-demographic characteristics. Methods: The research was conducted as an online cross-sectional study. The questionnaire included a demographic section and a section on attitudes towards mental health as well as the CAMI scale (community attitudes toward mental health disorders). Results: The subjective opinions of the respondents showed a lack of awareness about mental health campaigns in the country. Stigma towards mental health was present in younger and more highly educated populations. Conclusions: The obtained data indicate the magnitude of the problem when it comes to the stigma towards mental health disorders in Montenegro. Furthermore, there is a need for a systematic nationwide and metacentric study, identifying and exploring a wide range of individual factors contributing to the stigma of mental health problems.