Аутор и коаутори: Biljana Lolić, Goran Perković, Duška Delić

Maize redness disease: current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Година објаве: 2014

Језик: Енглески


Maize redness (MR) induced by “stolbur” phytoplasma was reported for the first timein 2012 in Sembcrija region of Bosnia and Hcncgovina. In addition to symptomatic maize plants, “stolbur” phytoplasma also was identified in johnsongrass plants and in Reptalus panu ri specimens. Monitoring and sampling in 2013 were extended to Brcko District and Posavina region. Collected samples were molecularly analyzed for the phytoplasma presence. “Stolbur” phytoplasma was detected in symptomatic maize plants in all surveyed regions. Kev words: “Scolbur” ohvtoolasma, Semberiia, Brcko District, Posavina, corn.