Аутор и коаутори: Гордана Броћета, Марина Латиновић, Жарко Лазић, Драгана Зељић

Effects of high temperatures on concrete microstructure

Година објаве: 2019

Језик: Енглески


The paper presents an analysis of the effect of elevated temperatures on concrete, with an emphasis on microstructural changes in the hydrated cement paste. The physical and chemical processes in the cement paste due to the increase of temperature are described. Research has shown that the first changes in the cement matrix occur at a temperature of 300oC, and that the microcracks appear at temperatures of 500oC. Intensive microcrack development occurs at 700oC, while at temperatures of about 900oC some particles of hydration products completely cracked. Reducing the degree of degradation of cement paste is possible by applying certain types of addition.