Аутор и коаутори: Lovro Sinkovič, Barbara Pipan, Marina Antić, Vida Todorović, Sonja Rašeta, Vladimir Meglič

Morpho-Agronomic Diversity of Lathyrus sativus L. Genetic Resources from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Година објаве: 2020

Језик: Енглески


Grass pea belongs to the legume family and it is traditionally used as a grain for human consumption while its foliage is used for fodder. In this study morpho-agronomic evaluation and characterisation of different grass pea accessions (Lathyrus sativus L.) from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H)/Republic of Srpska was performed. A collection of 8 grass pea accessions was cultivated in Slovenia (Jablje) and Bosnia and Herzegovina/Republic of Srpska (Banja Luka) in the open field trials during the growing season of 2019. A number of quantitative and qualitative IPGRI descriptors for Lathyrus spp. concerning the vegetative growth, stem, branch, leaf, inflorescences, pods, and seeds were measured and/or visually estimated. The results of the present study will add value through the enrichment of the Lathyrus spp. collection in both countries, improving the existing data and documentation, as well as creating a certain basis for further studies of the morpho-agronomic traits of the grass pea. Key words: accession, IPGRI descriptors, grass pea, morpho-agronomic traits.